Saturday, July 30, 2011

Midwest Must-haves {Guest Post}

There is no better way to spend a Midwestern summer than on the lake. The Midwest is taken over by humidity and heat, so the lighter of clothes you wear the better.  Unlike the preppiness of the East Coast and the boho style of the West, the Midwest takes on a much more realxed and simple style of clothing for the summer months. For my summer wardrobe I depend on a variety of different stores, two in particular: J.Crew and the Minnesota-native Target. Both provide simple clothes that can be used for layering. Layering is important because of the roller coaster heat waves we often experience here. Midwestern style relies heavily on simple pieces like a plain t-shirt and basic jean shorts; to make these easy pices more exciting I often pair them with a fun, brightly printed piece. This summer I'm really into tribal/Native American-inspired prints along with my personal favorite - animal print. Further, I love anything oversized (like the Free People sweater you see below). Flowy pieces like these are perfect for summer, whether you pair them with jeans for day or a tight skirt for night.   

The goal for Midwestern style is dressing simply but fun. Pair something plain with a fun pattern and make your outfit look effortless. For the perfect accessories look no further than fun sunglasses or a Twins baseball hat. Always have a swimsuit and sunscreen on hand. You never know when you'll jet off to the lake.

My key pieces for staying cool during a Midwestern summer:

  1. Mix & match Target bikinis - lazy days on the lake means lots of swimwear!
  2. A Twins baseball hat to represent the homeboys
  3. Pullover sweater
  4. Day-to-night dress
  5. Target striped T
  6. Colorful statement necklace
  7. Sperry wedges
  8. J.Crew flat sandals
  9. Basic denim shorts
  10. Native American-inspired T
  11. Barbour rain jacket - you never know when you'll get caught in a torrential thunderstorm.
  12. Colorful wayfarer sunglasses
  13. Eclectic statement necklace
  14. Minnetonka moccasins - living on Lake Minnetonka means these are a wardrobe staple for weekends. 
I hope you enjoy my "Midwest Must-Haves!"


*     *     *

About this post: After high school, my close group of best friends scattered across the country. We're still close as ever, but whether it be the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest or the South, we're all over the place. As I've been featuring some fashion on The Sweet Talker lately, I thought it would be fun to have guest posts from my friends covering regional fashion. This post is the 2nd in the series. Click here to check out “Southern Style.” I hope you enjoy!

XO, Linds

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