Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Sun Tea

Here's a simple alternative to brewing Iced Tea with hot water - all you need is a sunny summer day.

You can use any type of teabag you'd like - my favorite right now happens to be Peet's Mango for Iced Tea.

Simply fill a large pitcher with water and throw in a couple of the teabags. Then, set it somewhere outside that gets plenty of sun.

In an hour or so, it should look like this! Freshly brewed tea.

Pour over ice in large glasses and garnish with lemon slices.

Serve poolside with a good book!

{Bonus beauty tip}: if you're a blondie, rub a couple of any leftover lemon slices in your hair - the juice will naturally lighten your hair in the sun. This is a good quick fix for me as my highlights are growing out! If you're a brunette, mix the lemon with a bit of fresh orange juice to avoid orangey streaks. If your hair is dark brown, try cranberry for auburn highlights.


XO, Linds

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